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Meet Amber

Amber Butler is the owner and principal teacher at Precision Pilates, Spokane's oldest and best Pilates Studio devoted solely to teaching the discipline of Pilates. Amber and her staff at Precision are committed to teaching all levels of Pilates work to all levels of clients. Amber is deeply devoted to structuring the work for the benefit of each client and working with them in a positive, professional environment that allows the individual client to increase the potential of their body and the benefits of the work.

Precision Pilates is located in a beautiful light filled studio and includes a 1,800 sq. ft. mat room, a large reformer room and a state of the art cardio room that includes treadmills, elliptical machines and spin bikes along with private changing rooms, shower facilities and a steam bath. There is also a full retail area where you can buy athletic apparel suitable for Pilates and boutique items that we enjoy outside of the Studio.

Amber has owned and operated Precision Pilates of Spokane since 2004. During that time she has conducted a wide variety of private, semi private and group classes for thousands of students. Due to her passion and professionalism, Amber has made the name Precision mean Pilates in Spokane.

Amber is certified as a Pilates Master, Second Generation Pilates Teacher. She earned that distinction after completing a 24 month course with Lolita San Miguel, a First Generation Pilates Master. Amber earned her original Pilates teaching certification in 2004 from Elizabeth Jones-Boswell B.S. M.Ed. after an 18 month mat and reformer intensive teacher training program followed by 18 months of auxiliary equipment training. Amber is a member of the Pilates Member Alliance and is currently the only teacher and Precision Pilates is the only studio on the west coast certified to teach Lolita San Miguel's Teacher Training Program, Lolita's Legacy™.

Amber's background includes over 10 years as a premiere athlete. She held national titles and competed internationally representing the United States in her sport, Synchronized Swimming. Amber has had a lifelong commitment to fitness and wellness.

Amber is deeply committed to the work of Pilates and pursues additional training and professional enrichment whenever the opportunity arises. Amber's intention is to grow not only her studio but the experience of Pilates throughout her community and wherever the work might take her.

Precision Pilates of Spokane

Meet Lisa

Lisa Shaffer has been involved in fitness and movement work for most of her life. Starting out as a dancer when she was a young girl, Lisa studied ballet, modern and jazz dance for over 20 years. She was first introduced to Pilates in the mid 1980s; through Pilates she found a way to combine her love of movement with her commitment to fitness. Along the way she became a certified fitness instructor, taught dance and movement to students of all ages and completed degrees in both marketing and merchandising. Lisa continued to enjoy her passion for fitness while she became a leader in the large retail store community. Lisa spent 10 years as a store manager for Macys before she turned her attention full time to Pilates.

In the Spring of 2007, Lisa found Amber Butler and Precision Pilates. She saw immediately that it was the right fit for her. She undertook a lengthy and intensive teacher training program under the tutelage of Elizabeth Jones-Boswell and earned her Pilates Teacher Certification. Lisa teaches mat and equipment classes at Precision Pilates and class curriculum for kids. In addition to her teaching duties, Lisa developed and manages a large retail section that focuses on Pilates clothing, accessories and related fitness products.

Precision Pilates of Spokane

Meet Aryn

Aryn Presta has been involved in fitness, as both a participant and coach, from a very early age. Growing up she spent most of her days in the pool as a competitive swimmer starting at the age of 4. However, when the weekends and weather allowed, her time was spent on the ski slopes of Montana where she grew up. Aryn was introduced to Precision Pilates in 2005 by a friend and was immediately sold on the innumerable benefits that Pilates added to her life physically and mentally. A primary draw was the ways in which Pilates increased her awareness and control of her body in space and the ways in which her activities small or large in scale were improved the more she applied herself to Pilates.

After a brief break from Pilates in 2008, Aryn recommitted herself to the discipline after becoming pregnant. The amazing benefits in both preparing for and recovering from delivering a child were more than enough reason to recommit herself to Pilates. So much so that she subsequently obtained her Pilates teaching certificate. Aryn aspires to share the benefits and empowerment that she discovered through the practice of Pilates.

Aryn is also one of the Cycling Instructors for Precision Pilates. Aryn found her fondness for cycling while training for the Coeur dAlene Triathlon. While she enjoys the many great rides in the outdoors, it was the cold weather training that brought her enjoyment for indoor cycling/spinning. Aryn received her Cycling Certification from Reebok and challenges those in her spin classes to layer the principles of Pilates used in the studio into the cycling. She encourages participants to have fun while challenging themselves on a cardiovascular level as well as from a functional fitness standpoint.

Precision Pilates of Spokane

Meet Kelly

Kelly brings a life-long love of fitness to the cycling room of Precision Pilates. She began competitive swimming at at early age, and continued in that sport, as well as volleyball and softball, through the end of high school. As she moved onto college and beyond, she turned towards aerobics, running and cycling as a way of staying fit. She has also trained with Amber Butler at Precision Pilates for over ten years and continues to enjoy the challenges and benefits of this training.

Kelly found her true fitness passion the first time she took a spinning class, and participated in the certification classes from 24 Hour Fitness, Reebok and Johnny G Cycling. She has been teaching cycling for 13 years and brings a blend of all three styles to her classes. She feels that "mixing it up" in the classes keeps it fun and motivating. The main focus of her classes are working within your target heart rate zone to achieve your maximum fitness potential, while maintaining the alignment and control of Pilates.

Kelly feels that spinning offers something to everyone at every fitness level. It truly is "your ride" and you are only riding for yourself. Whether your are a beginner and have never been on a bike, or a rider who logs hundreds of miles a month, spinning will offer something to everyone. Kelly invites you to join one of the many classes available.

Our Studio

Precision Pilates (PPOS) is Spokanes oldest and best Pilates Studio. We like to say by far when we say that because that is what our clients tell us. Our Studio started in the Spring of 2004 right after Amber Butler received her Teachers Certificate. Our first studio was in downtown Spokane and consisted of about 900 square feet that had only about 650 square feet that was usable. But we grew there and loved serving our community and sharing Pilates.

In 2008, we moved to our current location on West Pacific Ave. Our new Studio is about 3,400 square feet, a huge mat room, separate reformer room, cardio room and we have a sizable retail space where we offer workout apparel and more recently boutique tems that we like to wear when we are out of the Studio. We also have dressing rooms and a steam shower to serve our clients needs. We are pretty proud of who we are and what we are and we think after you visit us, youll agree.

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