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Pilates Classes

Please see the Class Schedules for Pilates Class dates and pricing.

Mat Pilates

Learn the fundamentals of Pilates. Learn basic Pilates moves, begin to build a strong core, focus on proper breathing and posture, and increase body awareness and concentration.

Build on what you learned in Basic Pilates. Work on smoother transitions and target deep abdominals.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates performed on a reformer: a sliding platform anchored at one end with resistance springs. A reformer helps with performing Pilates moves while adding the challenges of resistance and balancing on a moving surface.

Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates workout designed to be safe for most women during pregnancy. Ease discomfort during pregnancy and birthing process by focusing on proper breathing, improving pelvic alignment and control, and strengthening birthing muscles.

Stretch & Strength

A class promoting strength and development of your core muscle groups, core Pilates. However, we are going to emphasize stretching the muscles and thereby lengthening them. It's a switch up of the cart and the horse but the goal is to create a new experience of synergy in the body through proper stretching and stabilization, all the good without the strain.

Strong Is The New Skinny Pilates Style

This is a new class that combines 45 minutes of Cardio and 45 minutes of Strength Training while using all of your Pilates experience to keep your spine safe and body healthy. So in other words, Strength Training with your Pilates body in mind. Focus on Strength through slow, proper positioning with resistance and repetition for results.

Pilates Workshops

Workshops are available for small groups, business and corporate groups. The workshops are great for health wellness and team building. For more information please contact us.

All workshops are three hours and cost $125 each. Inquire about a workshop by filling out our short form.

Fundamentals of Pilates

Recommended for all who have never done Pilates, done on their own or at another facility before starting a series. This workshop will teach you the correct basic techniques for Pilates.

Bulging Belly

Are you tired of having a "bulge" instead of the six-pack belly you deserve for all your hard abdominal work? Using this Pilates-based method, find safe and effective techniques to strengthen your abdomen and reduce your BULGING BELLY!


This workshop will present a variety of ways to stretch your muscles, increase your range of motion and help alleviate pain.

Oh, My Aching Back

This workshop was developed for those with low back and sacroiliac concerns as well as those with weak abdominal muscles from disuse, pregnancy or surgery. Restore proper function and mobility to your pelvis and lumbar spine through specific and conservative Pilates-based exercises.

For Men Only

Using these Pilates-based exercises, gain increased flexibility and strength. Discover which exercises help to alleviate certain pains. Come experience this intense, dynamic, and ever-changing exercise regimen that insures total body fitness.

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